Toowoomba Region

The Thriving Toowoomba Region

Situated 130 kilometres west of Brisbane, Toowoomba is the second-largest inland city in Australia after Canberra, with a dynamic population of approximately 178,590. Known as ‘The Garden City’, Toowoomba boasts over 150 public parks and gardens, a rich cultural scene, and a vibrant economy, making it an excellent location for establishing and growing businesses.

A Robust and Diverse Economy

The Toowoomba economy is diverse and robust, with a Gross Regional Product estimated at $11.63 billion, representing 3% of the Queensland's Gross State Product. It offers employment to over 90,183 people, with the Health Care and Social Assistance sector being the largest industry. With 16,849 local businesses operating in the region, there's a strong entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the local economy.

Promising Opportunities in Key Sectors

The region has seen a steady increase in the Household services sector, accounting for 41.4% of employment, demonstrating a considerable rise from 35.7% in 2012. The Goods related sector also plays a significant role, employing 33.7% of the workforce. These key sectors, alongside others such as Agriculture, Business services, and Public administration, contribute to a well-rounded and robust economy.

Strong Domestic and International Business Relations

Toowoomba’s economy is also marked by strong domestic and international business relations. The region recorded $22.51 billion in total sales in 2022, with exports valued at $6.92 billion. This indicates a vibrant economic ecosystem that makes it a promising region for businesses.

Experience the Queensland Business Sales Advantage

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