Gold Coast Region

The Gold Coast: A Diverse and Thriving Economic Landscape

The Gold Coast region, renowned for its enviable lifestyle and status as a tourist destination, has been steadily diversifying its economic base over the past decade. Previously compelled by construction, tourism, and retail industries, the city has expanded to encompass marine, education, IT, hospitality, tourism, creative, environmental, and sports industries, becoming a testament to economic diversification​1.

The Economic Strategy 2022-2027: A Roadmap for Transformation

The region's Economic Strategy 2022-2027 is an ambitious roadmap for its future economic development. The strategy, which focuses on high-value industries, aims to increase the city's economy by more than $5 billion in the next five years. To achieve this, the city is focusing on developing, attracting, and retaining the best talent, increasing productivity, fostering sustainability, and boosting collaboration among local businesses, industry groups, and various levels of government​1​.

A Vibrant Multicultural City

At its heart, the Gold Coast is a vibrant multicultural city with a thriving food and wine industry. The city's vast array of restaurants and bars, offering cuisines from all over the world, makes it a magnet for top restaurateurs and operators. Furthermore, the city's exciting nightlife and entertainment scene, with venues such as Surfers Paradise and Broad Beach, provide a constant buzz of activity, attracting both locals and visitors alike .

Retail and Shopping: A Retail Paradise

Retail plays a significant role in the Gold Coast's economic landscape. The city is home to a vast range of shopping centres, boasting over 3500 shops. The shopping experience in the Gold Coast is diverse, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets, from Australia Fair and Pacific Fair to Harbour Town factory outlets.

Arts and Film Production: A Hub of Creativity

The Gold Coast is also a significant hub for arts and film production. Contributing to three-quarters of all film production in Queensland, the city stands strong as a major player in the industry. Furthermore, the Arts Centre Gold Coast showcases the city's vibrant arts scene, exhibiting both local and international art​2​.

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