Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a coastal city in South East Queensland, neighbouring the capital city of Brisbane. Gold Coast boasts a population of nearly 600,000 making it the second most inhabited city in the state. In the last 50 years, Gold Coast City has grown from a lesser beachside holiday spot to Australia’s sixth major city.

Tourism continues to remain central to Gold Coast City’s economy, with approximately 10 million domestic and international visitors per year, Gold Coast is a major tourist destination thanks to its sunny subtropical climate, surfing beaches, canal, rainforest hinterland, vibrant nightlife and the unique location of its high-rises along the coastline. The city resides on over 50 kilometres of coastline, including some of Australia’s most popular surf breaks. An ideal host for both domestic and international holiday makers, the city also has more than 500 restaurants, 40 golf courses and some of the country’s biggest theme parks. For over three quarters of the year, Gold Coast also boasts temperatures of over 22 degrees. That’s sunshine for most of the year.

Previously the Gold Coast economy was compelled by construction, tourism and retail industries. Some expansion has taken place, with the city now having an industrial base formed of marine, education, IT, hospitality, tourism, creative, environment and sports industries. These will be the key to the future economic prosperity of the city.

Gold Coast is a proud multicultural city with a successful food and wine industry that cultivates offerings from all over the world. The Gold Coast is a leader in Australian style and continues to attract a top restaurateurs and operators wanting to expand. Gold Coast has an incredible nightlife and a range of entertainment on offer every evening of the week. Central zones including Surfers Paradise and Broad Beach offer great restaurants, bars, nightclubs and live entertainment. Events all year round also provide continuous entertainment for locals and visitors.

Gold Coast has a huge range of shopping malls with over 3500 shops. Top shopping centres include Australia Fair, Pacific Fair and Harbour Town factory outlets.

The Arts Centre Gold Coast features a popular art gallery exhibiting both local and international art. The Centre also has a theatre for all form of live entertainment and two cinemas screening foreign and independent films. Gold Coast City is also the film production hub of Queensland. Approximately three quarters of all film production in the state is produced in Gold Coast. In Australia, Gold Coast stands strong as the third major film production hub behind Sydney and Melbourne.

Gold Coast is in the television broadcast licence areas of Brisbane and North New South Wales so the local networks are primarily situated in these areas. Newspapers from its closest cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are also readily available.

Gold Coast Airport offers connections throughout the whole of Australia with all the top premium and economic airlines.