Fraser Coast - Maryborough Region

An Overview of Fraser Coast Economic Landscape

Tourism and Hospitality: A Central Pillar

The Fraser Coast region has rapidly become an influential player in both domestic and international tourism industries. At the heart of this influence is the Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct, a crucial attraction that has thrust the region into the limelight as a prime venue for large-scale events. The successful hosting of the A-Class Catamarans World Titles in 2018 served as testament to this fact, showcasing the region's formidable capacity for managing grand events.

Moreover, the area boasts a rich cultural tapestry, brought to life through a variety of food and cultural events. The annual Mary Poppins, Open House, and Relish festivals serve dual roles: they not only draw visitors from far and wide but also serve to foster a strong sense of community spirit among locals.

Further bolstering the tourism sector is the region's military and heritage tourism, underscored by unique attractions such as the Gallipoli to Armistice memorial and the iconic Military History and Colonial Museum. However, to fully capitalise on these attractions, there exists a pressing need for the establishment of more ancillary businesses, including those in the hospitality sector, interpretation services, and packaged tours.

Investment and Development: A Delicate Balance

Fraser Coast's economic landscape is also shaped by investment decisions, which hinge upon a delicate balance between acceptable risk and projected returns. The Australian Trade Commission's emphasis on the importance of tourism to the Australian economy underscores the necessity for strategic investment outcomes. It is here that the role of government facilitation becomes crucial, following robust guiding principles to attract private investment, and sometimes, direct government investment.

The Fraser Coast Council, alongside Fraser Coast Tourism and Events and the local business community, plays a pivotal role in attracting additional investment into the region's vibrant tourism sector. The Urangan Harbour precinct stands as a shining beacon of local marine and tourism assets that would see significant benefits from substantial investment.

Collective Role in Economic Development: Building Together

Economic development in the Fraser Coast region is not a solitary endeavour; it calls for collective action. Each entity—individual, business, or institution—has a significant role to play in spurring economic growth. The Council is instrumental in this effort, taking on multiple roles in attracting investment, facilitating connections across the community, and collaborating with other levels of government.

At its core, economic development is about creating spaces where people are eager to invest, work, and live. It's about fostering connections between people, companies, institutions, and communities. Ensuring sustainable economic growth on the Fraser Coast requires collective actions in multiple areas—investment attraction and facilitation, coordination and strategic planning, capacity building, collective advocacy, and regional destination marketing.