Bundaberg Region

Advocacy Priorities: Boosting Business Prospects in Bundaberg

At Queensland Business Sales, we align with the Bundaberg Regional Council's advocacy priorities for 2022. These priorities underline the council's commitment to attracting economic infrastructure investments, strengthening social infrastructure, bolstering human capital, and safeguarding the environment.

Economic Infrastructure: Foundation for Growth

The Bundaberg Regional Council seeks to facilitate the construction of key infrastructure projects such as a new Level 5 Hospital, a robust flood action plan, and the repair of the Paradise Dam to secure regional water resources. The council is also advocating for the delivery of projects under the Hinkler Regional Deal and the redevelopment of the Bundaberg CBD and Bundaberg Port to stimulate economic growth.

This region offers opportunities to business investors interested in contributing to the local economy and profiting from these key initiatives.

Social Infrastructure: Enhancing Lifestyle and Attractability

Social infrastructure developments in Bundaberg offer businesses potential growth in the areas of health, sports, leisure, and culture. Projects include the creation of a Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Facility, the redevelopment of ANZAC Park and Pool, and enhancements to the Bundaberg Sport and Recreation Precinct.

These enhancements aim to improve the region's attractiveness as a place to live and visit, thereby amplifying the potential for business growth.

Human Capital: Fostering a Resilient Workforce

The Bundaberg Regional Council is committed to reducing youth unemployment and improving community resilience. The Council's plans for building a healthy Bundaberg, with support from state funding, is part of the commitment to creating a vibrant, healthy, and productive community.

These initiatives present opportunities for businesses to benefit from a healthy and productive workforce and make a positive impact on the local community.

Environment: A Commitment to Sustainability

Bundaberg has ambitious plans to promote environmental sustainability. With the ‘One Million Trees Program’, the rehabilitation of Moneys Creek Catchment, and a commitment to free green waste disposal, the region demonstrates a strong commitment to preserving its environment.

These environmental initiatives can offer businesses in the eco-tourism and green industry sectors significant opportunities for growth.

Invest in Bundaberg with assistance of Queensland Business Sales

At Queensland Business Sales, we connect savvy investors with high-value businesses in thriving regions like Bundaberg, Queensland. With the region's strategic initiatives and government-backed infrastructure plans, Bundaberg presents itself as an attractive proposition for business investments.

Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a global investor, discover the potential of Bundaberg and be part of the region's exciting growth story.