Bundaberg is a city in Queensland approximately 400 kilometres north of the capital of Brisbane, with a population of just over 70,000. The Bundaberg region is continuously expanding, with recent annual population growth exceeding that of the state overall.

Bundaberg has a subtropical climate and, to a large extent, is reliant on the local sugar industry for its economic stability. Widespread sugar cane fields are found throughout the area as well as processing operations and packaging and distribution operations. After processing the sugar is then exported from a port east of Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Rum is another one of Bundaberg’s biggest exports is made of the sugar cane by-product molasses. The city has a strong beverage industry and is the location of major beverage producer Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

Commercial fruit and vegetable production is also a major industry in Bundaberg with capsicums, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, watermelons and more grown in ample amounts. Other major industries comprise of marine, construction, plastics, machining and tourism.

Tourism is one of the state’s most important industries, and given that Bundaberg is the Southern access point to the Great Barrier Reef, tourism is understandably increasing in prominence in the area.

In terms of arts and culture, Bundaberg has a prominent art gallery in the city, a multi-purpose facility for visual arts, featuring exhibitions from local, national and international artists.

Bundaberg has a Community Apprentice and Training Scheme for trainees and apprentices. Bundaberg also runs an organisation called Business Bundaberg, which drives the Economic Development Unit for Bundaberg Regional Council. Business Bundaberg is accountable for ensuring the sustainability of the area’s economy in collaboration with the community, through development initiatives and investment opportunities for local business.

Enhanced transport networks will also provide better access to markets in nearby regions.. Planning has already been devised to provide better safety and flood protection, as well as improvements to tailor for increased demand related to population and market growth. The Bruce Highway is a major route through the greater Bundaberg region. Development of a 61 kilometre upgrade will offer safer, simpler connections between the metropolitan capital of Brisbane and regional Bundaberg.

The Bundaberg Council has a wide range of strategies to build the region’s economy and enhance growth through strengthening relationships between the community, industry and local governments.