Rockhampton Region

Rockhampton: A City of Economic Growth and Opportunity

Nestled in the heart of Queensland, Rockhampton is a vibrant, diverse, and progressive city that is poised to become a major economic hub in Central Queensland. This city, with a population of over 115,000 people, is strategically positioning itself for future growth and development, presenting an attractive landscape for business investors​1​.

Thriving Industries and Economic Landscape

Rockhampton's economic structure is varied and robust, supported by key industries such as beef production, horticulture, meat processing, retail trade, construction, education, health services, electricity generation, and defence training. The city's Gross Regional Product is a significant $5.71 billion, representing 1.47% of Queensland's Gross State Product, thereby substantiating the city's important role in the state's economy​1​​2​.

Employment and Business Opportunities

With 5,483 local businesses providing 43,824 local jobs, Rockhampton is a hive of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Health Care and Social Assistance is the leading employment sector, indicative of the city's commitment to providing quality healthcare services. Furthermore, the Household services sector, which accounts for 43.0% of employment, has been on the rise over the last decade, signalling a shift towards a more service-oriented economy​2​​3​.

Tourism: A Key Economic Driver

Tourism is playing an increasingly crucial role in Rockhampton's economic development. With popular attractions such as the Riverbank Parklands and the Capricorn Coast, coupled with over 300 days of sunshine per year, Rockhampton is a prime location for tourists. In 2021/22, the total tourism sales in the region reached $350.8 million, contributing significantly to the local economy and providing both direct and indirect employment opportunities​1​​4​.

Rockhampton's Economic Development Strategy

The Rockhampton Economic Development Strategy 2023-2028 provides a clear vision for the city's future. This strategy aims to transform Rockhampton into a thriving capital of Central Queensland, attracting residents, visitors, and investors. The strategy is built upon five strategic pillars: Future Jobs & Investment Attraction, Infrastructure for Future Growth, Regional Promotion & Major Events, Regional Collaboration & Partnerships, and Talent Retention & Attraction​5​.

Business in Rockhampton

Rockhampton represents a promising landscape for business investment, especially for established businesses valued over a million dollars. Queensland Business Sales is well-positioned to provide professional guidance and broker services to these businesses, leveraging the city's economic growth, industry diversity, and strategic development plans.