Maryborough is a city located on the Mary River in South East Queensland, approximately 250 kilometres north of Brisbane. The city has a population of approximately 20,000 and is closely attached to Hervey Bay nearby, making up the region known as the Fraser Coast.

Tourism plays a major part in the economy of Maryborough. The city promoted its heritage with many preserved 19th and 20th century buildings located in and around the city, such as the local General Post Office and Customs House.

The main industrial company in Maryborough is EDI Rail, which has built much of the rolling stock and locomotives for Queensland Rail and in recent years has been involved with ship building as well.

The city has a strong environmental focus and supports rare and endangered species including the local Mary River Turtle.

Maryborough’s economy is also supported by a multitude of farming and station prospects and has a growing fishing industry. Maryborough is also the location of one of the biggest producers of natural timber products in the nation and so the city has close ties to the timber industry.

Currently the local government are actively promoting the Fraser Coast’s advantages for life and work, to attract new business and developments.

Maryborough Council’s goals for the near future comprise of: creating an environment that is beneficial for business growth and attraction; encourage sustainable and innovative business practices; ensuring infrastructure meets industry as well as community needs; and encouraging business networks.

For residents and prospective business people, the appeal of the Fraser Coast is its lifestyle diversity. The Council will continue to strive to provide natural beauty, recreational and leisure facilities and other lifestyle offering to ensure the area is appealing to people of all ages.