Mackay is famous for its history in sugar cane farming. Nicknamed the sugar capital of Australia, the region produces more than two thirds of the country’s sugar.

The climate in the region is humid and subtropical. Its coastal location includes many beautiful beaches, a lovely blue river and unspoiled hinterland. The area is rich in natural beauty.

Due to its strategic proximity to the mines, major roads and rail lines, Mackay has become the place of choice for many mining service companies. This has also meant that the population has dramatically increased in recent years and has now hit over 115,000. Today, there are more than 25 different nationalities situated in the region.

In recent years, the mining industry has become a major player in the local economy and the tourism industry has been given heavy investment and planning too. Compared to its neighbouring cities, Mackay’s tourism industry is still minor but is continuing to evolve year after year. Recent figures show that about 750,000 people visit Mackay annually, domestic and foreign travellers combined. Many new hotels have opened up in the region in the last decade and a $250 million eco-tourism development is also underway to draw even more tourists. The marine industry is another small industry in Mackay with a lot of potential.

Mackay has three major shopping centres, the largest being Caneland Central which boasts more than 130 specialty stores. Construction has also begun on the new Northern Beaches Central shopping centre.

Mackay is also home to the largest regional arts festival in the state, the Mackay Festival of Arts, which has been running for 20 years and features wine and food, music, art exhibitions, dance and other entertainment.

The booming industries and progressive local government in Mackay are currently safeguarding high employment levels and job security in the region and it is looking to continue this way long into the future.

Mackay is moving forward steadily to achieve work, business and lifestyle enhancement for everyone in the region. Its many positive features and its prospective potential are that which continues to encourage people to live and work in Mackay.