A Unique Selling Proposition.....Does your Business have it?

A Unique Selling Proposition.....Does your Business have it?

One of the most interesting elements about a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that this unique feature or attribute doesn’t necessarily have to be unique to your business, product or your services.  You simply need to create the idealisation that it is unique in the mind of the target audience to whom you are addressing.

Ultimately, the main aim for business owners is to own it's uniqueness within their business category.

Regardless of whether you are a new business venture or an established one, the skill is to identify the essential elements that can help build your business reputation, brand and name.

When formulating a marketing strategy for your business, this concept of a USP is an important facet to consider. There is always a particular element of your business that can be promoted as being unique; from products or services that you create, the way in which you deliver them, the phenomenal post sale service you offer, it's what keeps customers coming back.

There is always something that you can convert into a USP, all you need to is successfully identify it and then communicate it with your target market.

In order to effectively communicate your USP, you need to be able to prove it and demonstrate why you are better than your competition and portray the confidence that you will offer high quality products and provide excellent service consistently.

Your marketing strategy should portray that you are an integral, ethical and reliable business that has a consistent approach and is here for the long term.

At the end of the day, you need to assure your clients that you will address any problems that arise and listen to them.

It is no doubt that USP's attract buyers. It is possible that this could be your point of difference to ensure the sucessful sale of your sale when the time comes?