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Considering Selling Your Business?

Queensland Business Sales Goals Selling a business is an intricate process that involves fastidious preparation and planning, creative marketing and the skills and ability to deal with numerous obstacles throughout the hurdles along the way. Some people in our industry liken it to herding cats, yet they believe herding cats is much easier! Queensland Business […]

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Should you buy or lease your premises?

Queensland Business Sales Most businesses, at some point, are faced with the question of whether to lease or purchase their business premise. As there is no ‘right’ answer, each business needs to consider its own specific needs before making a decision. Some believe that leasing is cheaper than purchasing, but this is not always the […]

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Valuing Goodwill

Queensland Business Sales Valuing goodwill is always a bone of contention; there are many theories on how it should be done and there is usually a difference in opinion between buyer and seller. If you are the selling your business you will need to be realistic and take a very objective view when placing a […]

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